[Theforum] RE: fundraising/hosting

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Feb 24 19:19:20 CST 2002

> we also had an idea about <tip>s, but i'll leave that to someone
> else, since i don't wanna step on anyone's toes...

To get everyone up to speed, the idea was a printed calendar (day per page)
similar to Larson's Far Side ones with a <tip> per day of the week. The
<tip>'s for fridays would pertain to socialising (i.e, drinking tips, etc),
and those for sundays would pertain to relaxing and minimising stress.

Hurdles we came up with:

 - need to get permission from each <tip> author
 - need to fund initial production
 - can't remember what else

I still think that it's a good idea. Does anyone have any contacts within
the print industry?


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