[Theforum] calendar idea

Paul Cowan paul at wishlist.com.au
Mon Feb 25 20:07:01 CST 2002

[hey -- my first-ever contribution to theforum after a long lurk. enjoy.]

> 1.b -- include days and year... i don't hold on to a calendar
> for another year,
> nor do i expect people would start halfway through the
> year... not to mention,
> a calendar isn't too useful if i don't know what day it is...

More importantly, if it's a tear-off calendar, how are you going to use it
again next year, without a lot of dicking around with craft glue? And
frankly, putting web developers anywhere near glue is A Really Bad Idea

I'd be more inclined to buy an actual dated one, anyway.

(alternative: have one of those ones on rings where you just "turn" each
page to the back to reveal the next day's, rather than tearing it off... but
that would make for a much more expensive (and awkward) calendar, methinks)


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