[Theforum] RE: fundraising/hosting

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 26 17:05:31 CST 2002

> good call, we'll need to troll for 'timeless' tips.. the ones that don't
> expire and are relevant year round..

Like the "donation day" idea, we could have a Tip Drive. Get everyone to
come up with their personal UltraTip (even if it's one they've used before).

Could also cover the "getting permission" angle to save trouble later.

i.e., "If you'd like to submit an UltraTip, can you also include the
following (cut and paste is fine):

'I give permission for evolt.org to use my <tip> in online or print
promotional work for the purpose of sale with the understanding that profits
will go towards maintaining the services that evolt.org provides.'



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