[Theforum] calendars, books

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 27 11:14:58 CST 2002

hey, i brought up this idea of the calendar(s), as well as our long-
lost idea of the evolt.org book to glasshaus (div. of WROX) -- these
are the guys publishing the book on usability case studies that
features evolt.org as one of the case studies...

the guy i spoke with is going on vacation until march 18, but he is
very interested in these ideas...

this does *not* preclude us from going it ourselves, but there are
certainly advantages to having a publisher behind us... and

anyway, i wanted to throw that on the table and test the feedback...

i know how anti-corp anti-commercial we all are, but it doesn't hurt
to explore this stuff...


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