[Theforum] Re: [offlist] flash accessibility/usability

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Feb 28 15:08:37 CST 2002

sorry about the delay..

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, aardvark wrote:
> from my understanding since day 1 of evolt.org, all of the admins
> (those on admin@) were *moderators* of thelist... not all admins
> (on admins@), however, are list admins of thelist...

ok, i can see your POV. i guess i just don't think of everyone on admin@
as moderators. since day 1, that group was encouraged to set a good
example and remind people about proper behavior, etc, right? i think
everone on *this* list should also set a 'good example' on thelist. and
everyone on this list does.

as for seeing people like oliver, emily, wolfgang (for example) as
moderators, i guess i don't. but thats just me. everyone should set a good
example whether they're on admin@ or not i guess..

> that's news to me... i thought matt and dean were, and michele
> resigned admin a while back (which is why i never understood why
> she kept her list admin privs)...

i guess i just never saw being on admin@ as a prereq. for being a person
to handle list admin stuff.. we've also had the discussoin about who/what
an 'admin' is before, so i wn't rehash it

> do you feel that we don't have the right to do this?  i've always told
> people offlist to trim, and nobody's raised an issue -- it's really the
> same thing... break a rule over and over, and an admin/moderator
> will chat with you offlist about it...

i think everyone should set a good example. i think anyone can send
offlist emails reminding others to trim/whatever, and thats cool. i guess
i see that more as self moderation. i think we're pretty much talking
about the same thing

> > i don't wanna make you jump through hoops man, you know how much i
> > hate doing it too..
> suggestion, then -- alias...
> listadmin at evolt.org (or whatever) should go to:
> - dean
> - matt
> - michele
> - dan
> - admin@
> yeah, it's another address, but it's one address...  dunno if it's
> ideal, but it's a thought...

thats not ideal

> well, do you have any issues with me, or others on admin@,
> continuing to act as moderators (following the precedent of how
> we've always done it)?  not like if you say "yes" i'm going to stop,
> but i still want to make sure you're cool with it...

like i said, i don't have a prob with anyone sending offlist emails and
setting good examples.. its part of what makes thelist great. if that
makes people moderators, rock on. i don't think though that only people on
admin@ *can* be moderators by that definition, dig?

> i'm still not planning on cc'ing you on 'trim posts' comments, and i
> do cc you on the ones you need to address (like yesterday), but i'll
> try to keep you in mind for the ones that may cause more ruckus...
> i may forget -- it's not intentional...

no prob. i guess i saw todays message as a bit more than a 'trim posts'
kinda message from you.

as for joel, lets flip for it ;)

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