[Theforum] Polling stuff (Hey Rudy!)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Feb 28 21:04:48 CST 2002


there seems to be a mix of administrivia and voting

for example, consider that a person (i'm trying real hard not to use the
"m" word) can have multiple email ids -- how is the polling app supposed to
"notify voters" (which is mentioned a few places in this doc)?

i think votes should be administered outside the app, *especially* formal
votes -- but keep the bullet points which talk about the app recording the
votes, hiding individual votes if that is required, producing a tally...

removing the "process" stuff will make it tons easier to develop, too

as far as verifying that a person is eligible to vote, a valid
userid/password should be sufficient

we have privs on userids for the time being, so that works

>The only issue left seems to be the true public polling that Rudy is
>concerned with.

that's an issue?  for public polls, don't require a login

>It was my understanding that having an open poll like that would be
>troublesome. Anyone want to comment on that?

may i?

have you ever been to a website where there's a poll?  you pick a choice
and see the results?   for instance, "78% of people who voted today think
dooce got what she deserved"

what's "troublesome" about that?  it's a raw count, it's not recorded
against specific userids

maybe i'm missing why that would be troublesome


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