[Theforum] list slaps

Michael Wolfe wolfboy69 at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 1 19:31:19 CST 2002

> *ulp*
> heh... sorry, don't remember that one... i used to do site reviews a
> lot, but so many people took it personally (and had their friends
> spam me) that i just sorta gave it up...
> i'm glad to know my stuff was useful to you, but i also know that
> not using emoticons (i hate them) and being abrupt doesn't read as
> sunny efficiency, which is how it's typed...


I hope you understand that you comments were a HUGE help to me. All it took
was a moment to get my own ego under control.

Rock On, Dude!



Mike Wolfe
vws at visionary-art.com
IRC: mikeyW

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