[Theforum] A neat thing for members

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Mar 1 20:22:32 CST 2002

Actually .. this might work well within the member page area.  i.e. My
Links, My Recommendations, My References .. or something like that.  So, if
we think about these data as an additional member attribute, then its no
more difficult than what we already have thought of.

What are member pages?  Well .. hehe .. a project that's been on the books
for a while, but one that we've not worked on yet.  Simply, a member page is
one created by the member, providing personal information to other members
(based on the status each member chooses).  Our main stumbling block is
defining/determining the difference between a user/member... once we get
past this, I think we can work on creating this project logically and
somewhat easily.


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From: "Michael Wolfe" <wolfboy69 at earthlink.net>

| A user sees an interesting article. He clicks on the author's name, and is
| not only shown the current articles/tips data, but also a list of
| recommended links. Useful for the user, and also useful for the author,
| has a handy place to keep all of those important links he's always
| forgetting.

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