[Theforum] fundraising again.

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Sat Mar 2 01:52:25 CST 2002

ok, this is gonna seem like a total asshole move :)

i saw derek's book in progress, and i was on of the first to buy it.

the 'barrier' thing was a huge thing for me. we talked about it.

community friends, is not about barriers. barriers tend to restrict, no
matter how much they may 'benefit the community'. has anyone else seen the
mess that is metafilter lately?? matt put up the barrier, and wow, has it
hurt the community.

if i wrote a book(heh) about communtiy, i would so make a point of
inculsion. barriers are exclusion.

sorry you were the one to bring that up martin, these are just my thoughts


On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Martin wrote:
> "A slight digression which ties back into web design questions: Derek
> Powazak in "Designing for Community" remarks that a barrier to entry
> often makes for a better community. The idea behind it is by placing a
> barrier in front of people, you weed out those whose interest is only
> casual, and those who might be there just to cause trouble. Also, by
> having to pass that barrier, the people in the community are more
> committed to making the community work. It's sort of like "Earnest
> money" in a financial transaction. Make the barrier too high and no one
> comes in, so the community fails; make it too low and too many come in
> and the community gets fractious and tears itself apart. "

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