[Theforum] International article series idea

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 4 18:31:41 CST 2002

> i think having a list of people identified is a good start...
> and you've got that...

Well, some.

> a list of headings is also good, mail it to them all and see who
> digs?  and then
> let them re-work it a bit, right?

Yeh, I think a hardcoded skeleton would kinda stifle the style each author
might want to use in representing their country, but maybe a list of
desirable checkpoints that they should attempt to address.

So, as for the checkpoints, have you got any ideas?

 - history of web in #country# (i.e., boom period, slumps, big name
companies coming and going)

 - current situation - job market, etc

 - average salaries, contrasted with cost of living details if available
(even if only price of a cd, price of a quality 2br CBD apartment to
rent/month or buy outright, etc).

 - costs and availability of internet (56k, adsl, etc)

 - pricing of hardware to setup (even if it's just the cost of a decent
computer (+ software))

 - epicentres of activity (i.e., major markets in AU are prob syd/melb, then
bris, etc).

 - quality and proficiencies of #country# in programming and design (e.g.,
india has a reputation for the former).

 - any relevant cultural points - nothing extravagant, but maybe some
basics. i.e., 5 things to know before working in #country#

 - optional extra assistance/links (like i said - government agencies that
can help with immigration, visas, small business, etc).

 - the local players (i.e., the elite agencies in #country#), and names in
the industry. pretty subjective, but can give insight into quality, etc.

Anyone else?


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