[Theforum] International article series idea

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Mon Mar 4 18:56:50 CST 2002

isaac wrote:

>>i'd be interesting in localization/mulitlingual issues...  what
>>countries have to
>>handle mulitiple languages, and which actually address multiple
>>regions (from
>>a localization perspective) as well...
> Yeh, good thinking. We'll add that one.
>>also, CMS use... what do they use, what's penetrated their markets... that
>>sorta stuff...
> Oh gee, now you want me doing your International research for you...
> May not be as relevant to the general development community of each country,
> but we'll make it an optional one perhaps?

This looks like a great idea, and I only have one thing to add to the
list of discussion/comparison points: government regulationss. (For
example, the US has some accessibility requirements for some parts of
the industry, but the UK has much more stringent reqs, and they span a
larger part of the industry, if I understand them correctly.) I know
this can be quite a thicket, but I think it would be worth including in
an international review.


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