[Theforum] Web based forum

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu Mar 7 11:32:38 CST 2002

Off the top of my head..

Major advantages of a message board:
1. threads are sorted properly. On a mailing list, sometimes the content of
an email changes, but people don't change the subject line, so even if you
sort by subject, you're not getting a proper sort. Mind you a thread can
also go off-topic, but a proper forum and a good forum admin can fix that

2. multiple forums for many areas.
One forum for ASP, one for PHP, one for design, one for Cold Fusion, etc...
which means people like me can avoid CF talks completely :)

3. Search
there's usually a good search, and  it can be board-wide or limited to a
particular forum. (see point #2)


1. people tend to become less of a community with a message board than a
mailing list.
2. you have to remember to go check the board, unless we can rig it to send
each post as an email for the users who would want that (and then how do we
handle people who answer via email instead of via the board? that's a can of

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