[Theforum] the black tab

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Mar 12 20:44:58 CST 2002

> you may recall from an offlist discussion that i feel very strongly that,
> regardless of how you feel as the designer of the current site,
> the black tab has become as much of our identity as our logo now...

Personally, I think it's holding us out of 2001/2002. We have the cubes and
we have the black tab. Which gets flaunted in bars world-wide as the
evolt.org gangsign? Which has been made into a christmas decoration? (Etc).

Die tab die!

I think we need a universal header for evolt.org sites, but I don't think
that need include the black tab.

> dammit, where's the sample i sent you?  i can't find it over here...


> dig... although that will need a little work... we can't cut
> features/elements
> from the pages either, at least not without good reason...

No, just for News, and then only for the space saving. The extra text would
remain on all articles. And all of the "hot discussion" type sidebar fun
would still be included, of course.


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