[Theforum] RE: [everywhere] Article Alert - Micropayments Pushed in Norway

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Mar 13 08:16:48 CST 2002

rudy wrote:

> oh, sure, while we're at it, we'll change the look, and isaac's the man for
> the job, dotted lines notwithstanding
> but we should be talking about the buttons and form boxes and links and
> features and so on that will be there in the redesign
> not how it's all laid out...

I agree with rudy on this.  Seems to me that we first need to decide what
functionality is needed.  Choose the components best suited to deliver the
needed functionality.  Then design a layout that provides the best
accessibility, usability and visual appearance of the selected components.

Having some design concepts to think about is good in that they will stimulate
creativity and guide us toward a better site.  But we do not need the horse
(design / layout) pushing the cart (functionality / accessibility / usability).

Ron D.

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