[Theforum] RE: [everywhere] Article Alert - Micropayments Pushed in Norway

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 13 08:45:54 CST 2002

> From: Ron Dorman <rwd at csi1st.net>
> I agree with rudy on this.  Seems to me that we first need to decide
> what functionality is needed.  Choose the components best suited to
> deliver the needed functionality.  Then design a layout that provides
> the best accessibility, usability and visual appearance of the
> selected components.

that's a given... you don't think that's where we are?

we know:
- we want to keep all existing capability
- we want to bring the other sites into the home page more
- we want to explore trreating news differently
- we want to keep the same goals of standards/accessibility

however, some of this is easier to discuss when we can prototype
to get ideas on the table... for instance, if two people are debating
a feature, sometimes the best way for them to understand one
another is to go to their corners, prototype, and come back...

my fear is that if we don't prototype, this discussion will become
another '"what's a member" discussion and we'll never get
anywhere, just swirling around a few points...  many of us are
visual, so i plan to accentuate my ideas with prototypes when i
have the time...

> Having some design concepts to think about is good in that they will
> stimulate creativity and guide us toward a better site.  But we do not
> need the horse (design / layout) pushing the cart (functionality /
> accessibility / usability).

i don't think we're there yet...

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