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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Mar 14 10:32:57 CST 2002

At 09:09 PM 3/14/2002, Garrett Coakley wrote:
>Just thinking slightly ahead though, if we want to do more book reviews
>(do we? I think we should),

Of course. But... IMNSHO, book reviews need to be held up to a higher
editorial standard. Complete objectivity, balance, and fairness is
required. For example, a review shouldn't blast a "... for beginners" book
for being too elementary.

>should we think about a specific category?
>Or are people happy to stick them under 'Reviews' or the technical
>category (Code, Backend etc).

Stick it under "Reviews". It's not like we're overflowing with 'em. ;)


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