[Theforum] fundraisin with mousepads

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Mar 14 15:45:43 CST 2002

Since no one else really ran with it, or offered other suggestions, I've
got some stuff together to help raise some money for evolt, specifically to
help alleviate the hosting costs.

my question for now for you, theforum, is would you buy a "Limited Edition
evolt.org mousepad"? and if so, how many would you buy? and if you would
buy more than 2, would you preorder them? :)


shows a sample, kinda. the Limited Edition pad would be black and simply
have the evolt.org logo(cube+text) on it. simple, classy, cool. they're
the laminate surface because cloth pads suck IMO.

i'm tight on disposable income ATM, or I'd just buy them on my own and
sell them, and thats why I was wondering if people would mind
pre-ordering. if a fair amount of people did pre-order, i could front the
rest(or someone else could offer tohelp). and i'd like to get an idea of
how many to order.

as you can see on that page, the more that are ordered, the cheaper they
are. although you get better deals for ordering more, its harder to sell
5000 mousepads :)

i was thinking of an initial purchase of either 125 or 250. and looking
for input on the average price of mousepads(i realize most people don't
buy them, but people tend to purchase branded things they wouldn't
otherwise buy)

i'd reallly appreciate any feedback :)



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