[Theforum] fundraisin with mousepads

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 18 10:57:35 CST 2002

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, isaac wrote:
> > Since no one else really ran with it, or offered other suggestions, I've
> > got some stuff together to help raise some money for evolt,
> > specifically to help alleviate the hosting costs.
> Any further thoughts on the 'charging for MEO accounts' issue? Based on
> calculations, that would cover the bandwidth bill, right?

i don't know how well charging people a monthly/yearly fee for m.e.o
accounts would work out, now that i've had some time to look at the
details. couple reasons why:
when people actually pay for something, they expect to have it work,
period. when its a free thing, it's ok if it goes down once in a while,
but when people are paying, they're less likely to put up with that shit.

along with that hosting service, they're going to want other features,
like DNS, ssh(maybe) access, subdomains, a way to control it all, etc.
most of which we don't provide. someone(seb i think) suggested subdomains
or something, but the problem with that is evolt doesn't have its own DNS

opening it up to people who'll pay will get a lot of new people. which is
good. except, as i mentioned last week i think, the m.e.o machine is
starting to push it's limits with 1000 or so people using it now.

paid hosting is what my company does, and although i haven't brought it up
officially yet, i have a sneaking suspicion that they may look down upon a
site they're cutting a deal to taking away potential customers. its just a
suspicion, but thats what i think the deal would be sadly :(

those are just some of the things that i'm a bit worried about with *paid*
hosting. as lachlan mentioned, i think we should try to get people to
donate for their m.e.o accounts instead of actually paying for them.


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