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Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Mon Mar 18 11:49:42 CST 2002

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> i don't know how well charging people a monthly/yearly fee for m.e.o
> accounts would work out, <snip>

"Charging" for an m.e.o. account *does* have it's problems, as you've
noted. How about this idea?

Those with current m.e.o. accounts are 'requested' to 'donate' some
(to be determined) amount for their site. Those that don't donate,
just will bear any burden on their conscience. It's not unusual for
organizations to have some costs associated with various services
like newsletters, mutual referrals to members etc. The Donation
amount should somewhat reflect what's charged for similar accounts
in the 'open' market.

New requests are told that there is a (to be determined) Donation to
evolt.org for a new testing/learning space. This Donation is used to
cover evolt.org's expenses, *NOT* to pay for traditional hosting.
m.e.o. accounts are enabled for 1 year and can be re-applied for when
that year is ending. I'd not delete an account as long as the member
want's it, but putting some expiration date on each account would
accomplish two things:
1 - enable the removal of dead wood or unused accounts,
2 - provide an ongoing revenue stream by letting us ask for another
Donation for another year.

Will some not pay? Sure. And we just live with it. At least for now.
Will some drop off m.e.o.? Maybe. That may not be a totally bad thing.
Should there be some allowance for those that can't pay? Yep. But maybe
they could ask the list for sponsorship.

I think the description of what m.e.o. is at http://members.evolt.org/
describes it well. Can Donations to m.e.o. completely pay for what's
offered? Probably not. But it's a start.

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