[Theforum] fundraisin with mousepads

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 18 16:00:03 CST 2002

> i guess this is my question. *HOW* do we get people to really buck up and
> contribute something in a fair way without pissing anyone off?

you kinda do some mild herding. ;)

(a) it's a great service
(b) someone is paying for it with shitloads of time and cash
(c) if everyone can chip in, we can help cover costs
(d) if you chip in, you get listed in the MEO directory (and we want to
expand this -- featured MEO site like you do with the bandwidth newsletter),
you get recognised, you're more likely to get support (see -- no one's
missing out; you just get priority in busy periods), you're more likely to
get that extra datasource set up or whatever.

and for people who can't use paypal or can't afford to pay, they can be
encouraged to contribute in other ways: articles, javascript libraries, etc.

> 65% of accounts use between 8-15Mb already, it wouldn't seem fair to cut
> back on something that was promised when they signed up. and a fair number
> of people(35 or so) use *WAY* more than 15Mb because they're doing some
> really cool shit and don't wanna have to pay for it.

i'd use it as a general guideline. loose restrictions. if someone is jobless
and can only afford $5/year, but still needs 20MB and 5 datasources to do
really great stuff, then that's cool.

> i do like the idea of contributions from meo folks, but they shouldn't be
> the *only* way evolt.org as a whole is funded. thats one group of people
> taking on the majority of the fundage, which doesn't seem quite fair.

oh of course. the mousepads will be cool. hopefully tagwear will move
somehow. general donations can help. etc. but at $1/month for more
server-side variety than the average host, MEO playaround space is an
absolute steal.


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