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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 20 08:11:48 CST 2002

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so, with all this talk of fundraising, who saw carole's post?

the results of the survey could be quite interesting to us...

> From: "carole guevin" <carole at soulmedia.com>
> http://netdiver.net/whatsnew.php - tx.

to quote the page:

There's an emerging *trend* amongst our favorite online resources which is
sending us a signal: Coolhomepages looking for 2000 yearly voluntary
subscribers, Digital-Web looking for a voluntary donation from their audience,
Praktica content access is as of now, strictly on a subscription basis.

DON'T mix these independent content providers with the big corporations doing
or attempting the same - as a ref and to get some contextual information - pls
read this article.

Now, what do YOU make of this?

first question on survey:

I would pay a (yearly) subscription fee to access a selected group
(designiskinky, k10k, linkdup, moluv, pixelsurgeon, surfstation, etc) of top
independent design portals?

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