[Theforum] YADFI

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Mar 21 06:59:30 CST 2002

'Yet Another Daft Fundraising Idea'

Hi Gang,

Had another goofy fundraising idea while driving home last night.

(I might well be watching too much public television ... but hey!) How
'bout a note at the bottom of the home page noting that "Today's
bandwidth brought you, in part, by ..."

I'm thinking of something in the neighborhood of $10US - which I realize
doesn't cover bandwidth costs for a day - hence the "in part" - but
might be more 'reachable' for, say, the college kids on the list.

Maybe we give folks 60 characters and note that evolt has final editing
rights. [To avoid the "by my $%#%$#%-head ex" kind of things.]

I'd probably be in for my next birthday anyway ...

Today's bandwidth brought to you, in part, by
'the letters "R", "O", "N", and "L"'

For something small like that I wouldn't be opposed to having corporate
'day' sponsors either:

Today's bandwidth brought to you, in part, by
'Aardvark's Tattoo Parlor - Get Your Ink Validated Here!'



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