[Theforum] final mouse pad designs

s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 4 16:09:20 CST 2002

[[ Daniel J. Cody -- 15:49 04/04/02 -0600 ]]
>alot of color got lost in the translation to .gif so they won't look
>that shitty.

Nice !

>anyone wanna make some desktop backgrounds for me? 8x6 -> 16x12 ?
>if not, i'll do it when i get some time.

What do you mean by "8x6 -> 16x12"?

>thanks to those of you that sent in your pre-order money yesterday, just
>waiting on a couple more now.

[kind of thechat-like]
Sadly I've tried two different Visa and Eurocard cards and can't get them
registered with Paypal. I'm wondering if my bank agent really opened
international cards. I'll hit her smack on the head if not.
[/kind of]

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