[Theforum] Redesign (weo elements or whatever it was called) (was: Re: Mousepad order page)

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 5 00:44:32 CST 2002

Daniel J. Cody said:

>> Just wanted to say, that page looks yummy-o. And I want to put in a
>> vote for the site header to be something like that in the redesign.
> hehe.. well give a high-5 to mattB, he did it all.. and you should see
> if iSac is looking for feedback on the site redesign(i know he is) if
> you're interested in helping out in that area..

Isaac, I reckon this or something similar should be used for the site
header. Also I had some thoughts about the ordering of things. What do
people think of making news items just a link submitted, and then having
that in the sidebar, along with the jobs, and if someone wants to then write
commentary on the news that goes under the commentary section?

Sort of like

header, like the one on the mousepad page
 breadcrumb      search form| news
 Articles                   | jobs
 blah                       | new comments
 blah                       | highest rated
 blah                       | new tips?
Revived                     | new deo listings?
 blah                       | etc
New recipe?                 |
blah                        |

maybe get rid of the breadcrumb, put a login form there, if they're not
logged in. or put the search form up in the header, and put a login form
where it is there?


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