[Theforum] That $1k a month hosting bill...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Apr 5 18:07:12 CST 2002

> catch?  motivation?

oh indeed, a dozen red lights started flashing when i read his note to

as yogi berra (http://www.yogiberraclassic.org/quotes.htm) said, "if
there's one word that describes how i feel, it's 'you never know'"

you never know who will turn around and give you something (although i
remain highly skeptical in this instance) -- but first you have to make
sure you don't blow them off from the outset

see, the diplomatic "sorry, we can't take ads" is a lot better than "get
lost you dickwad"

kudos martin, for your diplomatic reply

> i don't believe in altruism...

almost impossible, by definition

at the very least, the altruist does what he does because it makes him feel
good, so actually, he's doing it for himself

look, how many hours we have pumped into answering posts on thelist, and
for what?  because we genuinely love to help people

as the old ivory soap commercial said, 99.4% pure (that always struck me as
fantastic advertising -- just what the heck is the pure stuff made of, and
why aren't the other bits pure? and why such an odd number?)


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