[theforum] back

javier velasco javier at mantruc.com
Sat Apr 6 12:55:58 CST 2002

Thank you all for your kind words, you mean a lot to me.

The new place is definately less frustrating, full of those little
details that make the difference. I have much more space to do the kind
of stuff I'm best at, we'll be exploring new techniques I've read of
several times but never been able to put into practice, and the project
we're working on is really interesting, but I can't talk much about it.

All I can tell you is that it's for a newspaper, the site gets one of
the top traffic in the country. I'm joining the team in the middle of
the design process, and the timeline is too tight on us for me to go
revamping the site's IA (whic is definately enhansable). I'll mostly be
trying to get my hand on some of those significant little details.

I've been practicing some stuff from the Tao of the (sofware) architect,
like when it says that the architect stands there in silence, giving the
team some guides towards their solution, till then the team reaches it
and says "oh, we did it all by ourselves". I've also been asking stuff
like, "are you taking X into account?", and they all go saying "hey,
we'd never thought about that". Sure, they didn't learn to do the job at
evolt.org :)

I know this conversation should go to thechat, my intention was just to
notify the comeback in practical terms, but since you all came with such
an energetic reply.

How did I keep in touch with others? Well, after over 3 years of mailing
daily back and forth people en up being tight friends, and it's nearly
impossible to break that in one day, there's always a way ;-)


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