[Theforum] Hosting

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Sun Apr 7 20:38:48 CDT 2002

everyone else seems to have said most of what i'm thinking about it
being a bit odd. i'm just wondering how these folks stay in business if
everytime they get turned down trying to make money with adverts, they
give shit away.

i know a guy at savis, one of their providers, and i'll ask him for any
dirt on these people(they've only been in business 1 year AFAICT), but
it smells funny at the least.


aardvark wrote:
> well, their hosting is in LA...  we just need to find a big evolter who can go
> check kick their bums if things were to go sour...
> anyway, we need to reply to this guy and ask what he wants in return... like a
> business deal, you try to get this up-front, before we even get too far into this...
> and we need to let him know that we've seen a lot of web communities fall
> apart just because a host went away or pulled their hosting...
> we also need to establish ownership in paper...
> martin, you're already talking to him, see what you can figger out...

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