[Theforum] Redesign

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 8 19:39:20 CDT 2002

To Javier,

> what are those white boxes above the highlited article for? (sorry if
> you've explained before)

Promo spaces for highlighting new features or things like "Ask a question on
thelist", or "submit an article", "buy a mousepad", etc. Not too garish, but
something that still gets attention. Hopefully we can have easy "[x]"
(Switch this feature off, I've already bought a mousepad!) preference
settings too.

> the black menu looks much more prominent than the top menu, my
> impression is that we need to make the (articles | browsers | lists |
> etc) menu more visible

Yeh, I haven't done that bit there at all. They do need to stand out. Let me
know if you have any ideas.

> i don't understand the logic of the elements in the black menu

OK, the black bar pertains directly to the subsite. So for the frontdoor of
www.evolt.org, it'd link to article submission, about info, contact info,
etc. While the black bar for FEO would have "submit a recipe", etc. For MEO
it'd have the key things like "Support MEO", "Getting an account", "Member
of the week", etc.

> i like the return of the categories menu!

I thought that we could highlight (bold, darker colour or something)
categories that have recent articles, or have lots of articles, etc. What do
you think? It's an old idea I read on asktog once, where he talked about
having folder icons that got cobwebs as they were neglected, and looked aged
if they were older projects, etc. Kinda cool thinking for regular users.

To Martin,

> Do all those dotted lines imply that this is a CSS-P design?
> 18 months on from the last time we made a decision about
> that, I think CSS-P's probably OK for our audience.

Not necessarily, (remember that I'll be dropping the dotted lines to avoid
Rudy crying in pain), but it'll be up to thesite re implementation anyway.

> I get what you're doing with highlighting the current section
> in the black bar, but higher contrast for accessibility reasons
> would probably be good (see the recent discussion on thechat
> for the range of vision we're talking about)


> Will we need to produce highlight images for articles?
> Could there be a stock of images to supplement article-specific
> ones for when the article doesn't lend itself to illustration -
> say one for each programming language, one for each
> section or something?

I expect it to be a mixture of default images and customised stuff. More
often than not, I think the featured article should be something new.
Suitable candidates from recent times would be Martin's new zope article,
Chris's Regular Expression Basics, anything from Dan's Spambot stopping
series, etc. Each of those (while being very technical) leaves room for
custom graphics, IMO.


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