[Theforum] Redesign

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Wed Apr 10 09:42:46 CDT 2002

>> I feel like that should go below the latest article. Also,
>how likely
>> is
>Good idea.


>> it that we'll have an image to go along with the article
>theme. I like
>> the idea but that seems a bit unweildy. (Unless you have a default
>> image for each category but that could offend/confuse some people.)


I suggest we have default images which will be used unless the author
provides their own.

>The larger articles often spend some time in the queue. Given
>that it'd take 10 minutes for someone with a PSD template to
>come up with something, I think that more often than not,
>creating a featured article header wouldn't be insanely difficult.

-1. Let the author do it. We don't have time.

[ . . . ]

>> they look really incongruous and I'm not sure why they are
>given such
>> prominence.
>They're universal evolt.org links and thus sit at the highest
>level. Obviously they are yet to be styled.

Perhaps a really really quick mock-up of a couple other pages to show how
the universal elements carry through? That would help us decide if they
really NEED this placement (right now I think they do) or if we could choose
a spot within the lower 48 states (instead of up in Canada) but be
consistent from page to page.

>> What happens if the blue divider is removed from between the top
>> portion and the black nav bar?

Noooooooooooo! Not the blue divider! I lov-ed you, blue divider!

>Haven't tried it, but I'm sure it would add to the confusion.

Um, yeah; what he said. Well, I don't know. But it helped make it clear to
me, even in my current amorphous mental state, that above the bar was
universal, and below the bar was local.

[ . . . ]

>> I do like that. You could just do a little thing underneath each one
>> like so:
>> 	Visual Design (6 new)
>6 new since you last visited the site, or 6 new since you last
>looked in that category specifically?

C. Let me choose. I may want to know that, since I stopped looking at the IA
section, 143 articles have been posted which I haven't read. Or, that might
just contribute to clutter and I'd prefer just to see 'new' since last
visit. I want to decide, category by category.

How? whaddya mean, how? How should I know?

>> I think they're cute. Isn't cute what we're going for? I'm
>pretty sure
>> in our mission statement (correct me if I'm wrong) that evolt.org is
>> dedicated to serving the web development community and to look cute
>> while doing it. Yep, I'm looking right here at my manual and there's
>> an amendment added last spring while the crocuses were blooming.

Two changes to that paragraph: for 'cute' read 'sensual', for 'spring while
the crocuses were blooming' read 'fall when the leaves were dying.' But,
yeah, Ms. aericks, you're exactly dead on correct. But with those two minor

>Hey, I don't mind them, but they made Rudy so grouchy...

This makes them unusual or unique in some way? <hey, rudy! is that halley's
comet? /me grabs the last almond m&m and runs off while he's distracted>


I'm not isaac. not even close.

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