[Theforum] Redesign

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Apr 10 12:02:21 CDT 2002

First off, I wasn't really aware how in-progress this was so forgive if
I was stepping all over previously stamped ground. It's easier to
critique, however, if I can just respond to what's there. I should
probably do this after I've had more coffee but, hey, whatever. :)

> > it that we'll have an image to go along with the article
> theme. I like
> > the idea but that seems a bit unweildy. (Unless you have a default
> > image for each category but that could offend/confuse some people.)
> The larger articles often spend some time in the queue. Given
> that it'd take 10 minutes for someone with a PSD template to
> come up with something, I think that more often than not,
> creating a featured article header wouldn't be insanely difficult.

I love the idea. I really do. However, I'm always worried about
sustainability. What do you think about my suggestion of having template

> > for the left-hand nav which just disappears for me. (Also, what is
> > "news and articles" at the top left is that the current location?)
> Yes. Lack of focus might come from it being a very unfinished design.

Hm. Okay. Well I'll reserve suggestions on that, then.

> > As for what to do... I would pull out browsers, tips, lists,
> > directory, members, food and put that elsewhere with expanded
> > descriptions. I know that those are main categories of
> evolt stuff but
> > they look really incongruous and I'm not sure why they are
> given such
> > prominence.
> They're universal evolt.org links and thus sit at the highest
> level. Obviously they are yet to be styled.

I don't like them because they read funny and because I just don't
believe that people will be switching through all the other sites. Still
thinking on this.

> > What happens if the blue divider is removed from between the top
> > portion and the black nav bar?
> Haven't tried it, but I'm sure it would add to the confusion.
> > Shouldn't search be above log-in? Once you've logged in, if
> you click
> > "remember me" then you are going to be most interested in searching
> > when you come to the site.
> No. The top block is universal evolt.org stuff -- our
> branding, our main sites, and then the eventual universal login.
> The search block is specific to each subsite (i.e., search
> recipes on FEO, URLs on DEO, etc).

Okay, how about this: we put that blue divider line *below* the black
bar, thus separating evolt business from site content.

> > Maybe I could play with the elements a bit? Let me know if that's
> > coolio or if you have another draft in the works.
> I've not had time to change anything since this GIF, so go for it!

I'm super busy today but I'll do thirty minutes on it and see if I can
come up with anything. I'll send that to you offlist.

> 6 new since you last visited the site, or 6 new since you
> last looked in that category specifically?

Okay, don't shoot me but, maybe the main site has since last visited and
the categories pages show since last visited that category. Mainly
because it will keep down the clutter while reminding you that there are
new bits in the categories. However, if I *never* go into Backend then I
don't want to see a mounting number because I don't care. I think I'm
having a hard time expressing this but telling me that there are 300 new
in Backend doesn't do me any good if I'm a daily visitor who has no
interest in Backend.

> Hey, I don't mind them, but they made Rudy so grouchy...

Rudy kicks kittens.

- amanda

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