[Theforum] evoltspotting

s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 10 15:57:59 CDT 2002

[[ matt g -- 11:02 10/04/02 -0400 ]]
>Well, i just threw myself into the fire over on thelist. Wish me luck.
>i've got a pile of sites that i might have asked about in the past, but
>didn't for fear of having my underlying mechanics ridiculed.
>anyway, i think more design oriented threads would be good, and will try to
>seek more feedback in that vein.


I'll launch a thread about the approach a personal site should have,
design-wise, usability-wise -- in short: when it's done by a professional,
what would be the pitfalls to avoid to still make it a personal site?

Hey, what if I launched it right now? :-)
-- I just did...

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