[Theforum] evoltspotting

s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 10 16:00:07 CDT 2002

[[ Daniel J. Cody -- 10:34 10/04/02 -0500 ]]
>thanks for pointing that out aard.. i'm all for people starting design
>related threads, but don't go overboard or anything.. thelist is what it
>is, and we shouldn't force it to become something its not(and i'm not
>saying anyone is, but this is how it starts) or doesn't want to be.

Yeah. But for instance the thread I've just launched is not 'artificial'.
In fact I'm sure lots of evolters would want to begin threads but are so
hard-working that they don't take time to reflect and/or ask for more
general questions...

>i'm looking at a nice design related thread on thelist right now(look &
>feel) in fact..

Yup. Amazing design thread. Lots of different ascii characters :-)

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