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On Wednesday, April 10, 2002, at 10:31  pm, s t e f wrote:

> [[ Martin -- 22:08 10/04/02 +0100 ]]
>> Nice one, stef - I believe the term is "eating one's own dogfood".
> And this is typically the moment when I feel so french and don't
> understand
> an idiomatism... Can you explain for me frog? :-)

Using the software, hardware or methodology that you use
on client's work on your own stuff too. The usual excuse is
that you're too busy doing work for clients to do things properly
for yourself - the idiom for this is "the cobbler's children are
always unshod"

Examples of dogfooding: all MS consultants were using Win2k
and Office2k before it was even released to the public, and
WinCE devices rather than PalmOS ones. Another
one - me managing my site using a Content Management System
rather than manually.

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