[Theforum] Problem Installing Visual Studio 6 HELP!!!

Gillian Maloney maloneygillian at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 16 09:57:04 CDT 2002

Hi All,
I installed Visual Studio successfully on a Windows 2000 operating system
but had to remove it while I tried to install Access 2000 and Access 97 on
the same machine. That didn't work so I tried to reinstall Visual Studio 6
but now I get the following error message when I try to open VB:

Setup was unable to creaet a DCOM user account in order to register
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual

and the following message when I try to open Visual interdev:
Unable to load development environment Dll

I can't remove visual studio as its not listed in the remove programs.

any help please as I really need to work on VB!!

Thanks for your help


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