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Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 17 18:36:37 CDT 2002

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>I hear ya. I want to see things fixed. The pervasive air of division,
>side-taking, and lack of trust that's arisen among the "admin" team
>has done a lot to make me almost completely abandon evolt. So has the
>lack of mature professionalism often exhibited in our on- and
>off-list communications (as I'm aware of them).

I've just come back from nearly a year of complete evolt absenteeism. My
absence has been a direct result of the atmosphere that you describe. My
return is tenuous at best, and depends entirely upon resolution of these
internal conflicts.

>What I'm getting at here is that there are two basic ways evolt can evolve:
>1. It remains a hobby and limps along piecemeal. It grows
>organically, and helps our audience in relatively small ways (lists,
>articles, server space, all by accepting small donations of time and
>2. It becomes something serious, with all the attending work,
>required organization and professionalism, and becomes something that
>can really foster growth for our audience in potentially
>*significant* ways (donating money and other resources *to* other
>groups, starting local chapters, fostering research, holding
>educational workshops and forums, etc.).

>But just think, if we were moving towards realizing #2, how many ways
>my talents and yours could help the cause and impact so many more
>people? This is a rhetorical question, but how many of you here would
>like to give something to evolt but don't feel there's really a way
>to do so?

This is an exceptionally good point, beautifully made. Thanks Marlene.

I'm one such person that could do a lot more for evolt. A large amount. But
to do so it would have to be in the context of a transaction that the legal
and financial world recognise and are comfortable with.

But that's a little tangential to our point.

A lot of people have forgotten part of our name. We created this community
as evolt.org, and we spent a long time insisting that the ".org" cannot be
left off.

We've spent 3 years doing the evolt bit. We've had evolution and
revolution, and a lot of electricity, but we've left out the other half.

Now it's got to be time for the organisation, because without it there's a
real chance that evolt.org is going to be destroyed by internal conflict.

We need rules. We need to agree to them, and we need to enforce them. Going
from the current parlous state to this kind of framework will be a
difficult transition, but with a bit of effort from everybody, we can do it.

Here's a suggestion. It may have been made before, but what's important is
that it's being made now:

All communication on the Admin list should be of a professional nature. If
your message is something that you would not be happy to send to a business
colleague or customer, then please don't send it to this list.

It shouldn't be that hard a suggestion to follow. No more difficult that
remembering to check your shirt is buttoned, or that you've got clean
underwear on. When you finish writing your message, read it through. If
anything seems contentious, deliberately or not, is there another way that
you can word it?

This has got to be the starting point for any further discussion about our
future. If we can't at least show some professional respect for one
another, any further attempts to resolve the situation are doomed.


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