[Theforum] (was) let's kill it

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 17 21:55:44 CDT 2002

> Just a clarification here please ... I was *asked* to help out with list
> stuff during Dan's vacation and Dean's business trip.  I only have one day
> this week and 3 next before my move.  That's all the assistance I have to


 - You're extremely busy.

 - Assistance was required in list management.

 - There are a number of experienced and commited people virtually begging
for access to help with list management, including people in timezones not
represented amongst the current crop (located entirely, AFAIK, within North
America and Western Europe).

 - Instead of selecting one of these eager people with time to spare, you
were asked to help out.

The problem, IMHO, is obvious.

And to clarify so that no one thinks this is a directly personal attack,
that is an unwarranted lack of trust.


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