[Theforum] Re: (was) let's kill it

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Thu Apr 18 00:47:05 CDT 2002

(prepare thyself for a long drone; I spent the evening at Seau's Restaurant
drinking and watching the Padres actually *win* a baseball game, so I'm
slightly disoriented from the combination)

(and then I re-read it and *I* didn't even understand what I was saying so I
deleted it and started over)

There's a reason the average automobile only has one steering wheel.
*Someone* has to have the last say. The passenger can offer all the
suggestions in the world; in fact, they can make the de facto decision to
turn right at the next corner, but *only* the one behind the wheel can do

I couldn't care less if I'm a Lieutenant or a Private - but I like
structure. When everyone is equal, no one leads. And we've reached a size
where, without leadership, I think we're floundering. Sure, we've got lots
of new content, and apparently list membership is growing, but there have
been so many subjects debated endlessly on theforum without ever reaching a
conclusion. Sorry; no examples come to mind off the top of my head; am I
imagining it? I guess my point is, admin should lead evolt, but someone has
to lead admin.

I want to stop feeling like one of the vultures in "Dumbo" - "Whaddya wanna
do?" "I dunno, what do *you* wanna do?" "I dunno. What do *you* - wait a
minute! Don't start that again!"

Can you imagine what would happen if a soldier reported to a body instead of
a clearcut chain of command? What does he do when two officers give
conflicting orders, or no orders at all?

Organization implies structure. We are not a hippy commune. We are not a
hobby. Either we are a structured org(anization) or we're history. We've
reached the point of no return. Does anyone seriously believe that evolt.org
can go back to the way it was? We move on to the next level or we collapse
under our own weight.

(somehow related, but I'm not sure how)
When I became an admin, I didn't know any more the day after than I did the
day before. But I should have. I should have had some kind of orientation
("Here's a sample of some e-mails we've answered to give you an idea how
evolt.org does it." "Here's where you go for this, that, and the other
thing." "Here are the tasks you can start doing right away, and here are the
tasks that you should probably wait to try out." "Here's a list of who
usually does what, so you know who specifically can answer that question or
help with this project.")

There are a few of you that I've conversed with via e-mail for a couple
years. I barely know most of you. I've never met *any* of you. But I love
evolt. I missed out on its early childhood because I ran away from some
pointless squabbling on thelist (by entities long gone) and I didn't come
back for two years. It would be really nice if we could agree on who's
behind the wheel so we can get this show on the road.

I don't feel qualified to propose who should lead. I only volunteer to

But only if someone leads.


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