[Theforum] (was) let's kill it

Martin Burns martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 18 03:37:51 CDT 2002

Michele Foster wrote on 17/4/02 10:14 pm

>Now the other email sitting in the queue was on its fourth day .. ok I
>didn't have to respond to it .. I could have left it.  It was there .. I had
>a few minutes, so I did it.  Now I won't bother.  I thought there was a
>"goal" that all messages get responded to within 24 hours?  I just figured
>it was one that no one was sure how to answer best, so I did what I knew Dan
>would have done.

Michele I don't think anyone questioned your motivation in answering the email.

The issues I raised were simply
"Is this you returning to Adminhood (which would be great)?" and
"If not, I think that the agreement of last month, where we agreed that, if you
don't want to accept the accountability of being a member of Admin you would
not take the rights of being a member of Admin, still applies as no decision has
been made to change it"
(more detailed narrative on that last one at
as cited in my email last night)

I'm sorry that refering back to a previous agreement upset you.


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