[Theforum] What do you want to do ?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 18 08:42:09 CDT 2002

> From:  "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> Wow


> Sorry Adrian .. I was in no way trying to offend you .. nor to
> misrepresent the facts.  I'm trying to remember how things went down
> .. and how I *thought* things were to be.  Obviously we and others are
> at different ends of the table .. which very much explains why the
> table is breaking in the middle ;).

*exactly*... there is no reason to apologize... i am always going to
say what i think, and i see the definition of admin keeps coming
up, and keeps coming up as wrong (which is why i challenge it
every time)...

that is a *big* part of the problem...  we don't all agree/know...

> No offence meant .. I'm *am* trying to help .. I'm trying to help us
> move forward.  I'm trying to get everyone on the same page .. I'm
> trying to fill the needs for the organization with people willing,
> capable, with time, etc. so that everyone that *does* want to
> contribute can.

as am i...

we're not on opposite sides...

we all have to get over the mentality of there being two sides...
there aren't...

there's one side, and that's evolt.org...

oh, and there's my side... i disagree with all of you.  twice.

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