[Theforum] (was) let's kill it

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 18 08:42:09 CDT 2002

> From: "Luther, Ron" <Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com>
> Hi Aardie,

hi ron!

> I've always got a suggestion or two.   ;-)
> Okay - a lot of offices have a peg-board or magnetic "Who's IN today"
> / "Who's OUT today" thingie.

in our office, we count missing slices of pizza... ok, not really...

> I may not have my own magnetic thingie ... but here at the office we
> publish a weekly email letting all the users know who is "on call" in
> half a dozen different areas for the coming weekend.
> I wouldn't think it would be too hard to do up an electronic version
> of either of those.
> e.g.  Here's a list of everyone who has access to leo; name - 2 or 3
> email accounts - and an optional phone number.

i think that's a great idea... i just found out who has access to it all
when dan left for chile (he's probably in front of javi's machine right
now reading through this, enjoying the fine chilean cuisine)...

> It could be broken down by functional area, by 'logical' area [meo /
> leo / ect], or whatever turns out to be most useful.  Heck, offer a
> couple - put them up as static or dynamic files in a central area and
> make sure everyone who needs to know this stuff knows where they are.
> Would that kind of thing be a help?

i think that would be a great idea... elfur (i believe) has already got
that list started... i believe it's on the wiki... can't find it... anyone?

we do need some sort of record of who can do what, and what
access they have...

> RonL.
> [evolt - we've got what it takes to satisfy your magnetic thingie
> envy!]

good thing i know what magnetic thingie you mean...

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