[Theforum] What do you want to do ? Faster, evolt, kill kill!

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 18 09:59:22 CDT 2002

> Miriam
> If you look at the timeline, then it goes like this:
> 1) Evolt.org founded - founders operate as an admin group controlling
>     everything
> 2) thesite split off to add non-admins into the development work for weo
>     (and later deo, aeo etc). No decision made to assign decision-making
>     power to that group, but it's doing a good job so no intervention ever
>     made
> 3) theforum split off to add non-admins into the strategy of evolt, and
>     decision-making power also handed over.
> So you see that Admin still has a lot of that original authority, and
> should have signoff over who has access to admin which lists.

That's not how I understood the split, but thanks for the history lesson,
Martin. OK, so admin = final authority on everthing around here? What is the
point of theforum, then? Wasn't that whole voting app thing a forum issue?
Have I been wasting my time?

Going back to work (and the archives) now,

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