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Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Apr 18 10:18:25 CDT 2002

Hello All,

There has been this debacle over process/organization/control for
way too long.

As best as I can remember, no one has ever said that process and
was not needed.  The fighting that has been going on has been over
processes and how much process for the most part.  Two sides,
differing sharply,
have prevented most attempts at organization from occurring.

I was encouraged some when Martin wrote:
> Someone (Ron?) asked me a few months ago how we'd be able to come
up with
> creative ideas if we had more process in place. I've thought about
that a lot since
> then, and have realized:
> 1) There's a difference between necessary process and process for
its own sake

I would very much like to see organization and processes in place
that enhance
evolt.org, smooth the operation of the sites and lists and finally
put aside all
the wasted time and frustration that has become "Admin".

I believe Michele may be right on target for starting a plan (also a
for organization and developing processes that will work for

Michele Foster wrote:

> This is just a suggestion .. I hope those of you that *love* evolt
as much
> as I do will participate.  How about we all take a week or two to
jot down
> on paper (ok type on a web space or email):
> <snip>
> I'm not talking about access or privileges or anything like that.
> asking for how each person wants to contribute back to evolt in a
> that they enjoy and that will make them feel like they are making
> worthwhile contribution.
> <snip>
> This isn't about power, or titles (Admin) or anything like that.
It's a
> fact-gathering exercise to determine what each person would like
to do and
> how they'd like to contribute.

This sets a good starting point because we can identify ways
(processes) that
would support how people wish to work.  We have identified most of
the tasks
that need to be accomplished.  With those pieces of information we
can begin to
define processes that support the tasks and work habits to build
evolt.org into
the original dream.  This is how good processes are developed.
Notice the word
"developed".  It will take time and refinement to develop processes
that work
for evolt.org.

There is obviously some organization and process on thesite, and
with the
technical support of our servers, with many people involved.  There
processes in place to handle daily tasks.  We have the capacity and
desire to
organize and set up processes that work, and have done so in these
areas.  As
with all processes, they are not complete and fool proof and require
out of the process occasionally.  When that is necessary and done,
we should
adjust the process, not pound the individual (or individuals) that
initiative and time to handle it.

Let's take this idea for it's possibilities and think about it.
Let's think
about the things we have said and done on the lists of evolt.org and
Let's evaluate whether we were truly trying to further evolt.org.
Let's think
about cleaning up our act and working cooperatively again.

Ron D.

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