[Theforum] leadership

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Apr 18 13:12:14 CDT 2002


"A. Erickson" wrote:

> I like Joel's analogy that this is like a car that can have only one
> driver however I really think evolt is more like a plane.
> Sure, the pilot can take the plane wherever but if his crew isn't
> willing to go along with him, there will be a crash. You need all sorts
> of people doing things here and there and maintaining and communicating.
> The pilot has shut the crew out.

That's one perspective.  Another perspective is that part of the crew
attempted mutiny.

> Until that situation can be rectified, I don't see the point in
> discussing what we want to do for the good of the community

This seems to be recurring.  Some of us won't discuss anything else until we
get our way.  Let's lighten up a bit and return to the issues with more open
minds, looking for solutions.

> I think access needs to be more widely distributed and a better crew
> established.

I don't think access should be more widely distributed.  I think we should
focus on getting useful processes figured out and defined.  That will allow
for a better crew to be established and then distribute access where needed
to support evolt.org.  Things get handled well enough as they are, we need
to do other things with our time.

> The leadership needs to change.

You know, you may be right.  Several of the people we chose to lead
evolt.org have been very dissenting and bitter for a while now.  I wish this
were not the case and that we could heal the wounds.  As rudy said, both
sides must have a desire to fix it.

Ron D.

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