[Theforum] quickie

javier velasco work at mantruc.com
Thu Apr 18 14:36:16 CDT 2002

it's very painful for me not being able to read this thread thoroughly.

I'm very concerned about these same issues. I've been all day on work
meetings, except for lunchtime where i'm just coming back from.

I'm very happy to see the important issues that have been on our chests
finally come up, I was thinking of firing the alarm myself, i jut don't
like this happening whe Dan isn't able to read all that's happening, I
wanted to bring this up next week, after dan was back at his desk, but i
do understand that some issues became more relevant just this moment.

I had lunch with Pilar, Dan and Jenny, it's a lovely day here. But I
didn't say a word about what's being discussed in here, because I'm
trying my best to make him chill out and have some nice break.

I will discuss this stuff with him once we get an appropriate chance,
i'm not very sure how to put it though, i belive i'll have to print the
most relevant points to have him read when we have some time. For the
record i'm not defending dan's position, actually i want to make get
intos sense about lots of things....

got to run, ttyl


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