[Theforum] What do you want to do ? Faster, evolt, kill kill!

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 18 16:58:31 CDT 2002


> From: Ron Dorman
> I do not share the opinions that Dan has excluded,
> denied and cut off people truly trying to help evolt.

i just have to respond to this one tiny piece of your entire post.

if dan has not excluded or cut off people who are truly trying to help
evolt.org, then why am i limited to ftp access only on teo?

if i'm in going to be working on the cms don't you think i should have
database access and maybe even server access to deal with quickly moving
files and folders around if necessary, permissions, stopping/starting
services in case i accidently hang/freeze/kill something?  what about
cfserver aministrator access so i can tweak and tune the performance of the
cms?  why do i not have access to add/edit/delete ftp accounts so i can give
others access to work on the cms?  why do i not even know who all has access
to that box and in what fashion?

i don't have any of the access or information mentioned above with the
exception of an ftp-only account.  i'm not lacking the access or information
i need because i've been quiet about my needs.  no, i've asked on many
occassions and have either been ignored, had super old issues waved in my
face (cop out) as why i can't/shouldn't have access, or just flat-out told
no with no reason at all.

i just thought you should have a chance at hearing a different perspective
on this issue.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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