[Theforum] My daily summary ...

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Apr 18 17:05:52 CDT 2002

Sorry folks .. haven't been around most of the day.  I've just finished
reading all the messages and responded to one directly.

A couple of questions if someone would be so kind as to answer them please.

Are we proceeding with the fact-finding mission as I had originally
suggested?  I have three responses here now .. are others sending in their
responses to me or is it being done on the wiki?  If it's being done on the
wiki, can I please be granted access, as all I ever get is access denied.

I will say this .. I really wanted to get the information individually.  Not
cause I'm nosey, or deceitful nor cause I wanted to modify what people said.
But I was hoping if the information was kept in confidence, then each and
every person would feel more comfortable picking from the extensive list of
skills/tasks I had outlined where they would best fit.  I still have a
concern that people will look through what's already been "taken" then
decide, oh well nothing left for me.  And that would be a real shame.

Anyway .. someone decide and let me know if the fact finding exercise is
proceeding and how.  Adrian? Rudy? Ron?



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