[Theforum] Suggestion: focus groups ... committees or something similar ...

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Apr 18 21:36:12 CDT 2002

hi gang,

so many of us have said something similar to:

> So let's do that decisionmakingpower thing, OK?


> we need to define how we want it to be
> and how we want to do it. that way it would be
> so much easier to manage the groups
> with different responsibilities.

while we've hashed out for a day or two in multiple versions what has been
done and what hasn't been done and what should be done and what shouldn't
be done and how it should and shouldn't (have) be(en) done. i think it's
time to start organizing the things that have been said.

there are things already in theforum archives about
- finding facts
- policy
- administration
- process
- participation

and within them are gems, and we need to make sure those gems won't get

so here's my suggestion:

let's do some kind of a focus group, committee thing, where we have some
volunteers that will collect the thoughts the lot of us have introduced
over the past few days and organize them with the intention to collectively
report back to theforum for further focused discussion on future goals and

I'm thinking few relatively small groups of theforum members.
I'm thinking around 3-5 in each group.
I'm thinking let's make some suggestions.
I'm thinking that it could easily move us closer to the next step needed
... off from the definitions from the past and on to the definitions for
the future.
I'm thinking that the groups would submit suggestions to theforum.
I'm thinking that wiki is a good thing for said collecting and reporting.
I'm thinking i sound like that man in Bridget Jones' Diary.

so, what are you thinking?

*the optimistic one*

let's use the wiki as much as we can. remember, the wiki address is at the
bottom of every message sent to this list and the wiki itself is extremely
easy to use and makes us all editors of the same web.

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