[Theforum] What do you want to do ? Faster, evolt, kill kill!

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 19 02:16:30 CDT 2002

> If you are you saying you can't log into the web based admin pages for
> thelist, I would reply that I understood you were the admin for
> theforum, why do you need access to thelist?

Why does he need access to WEO to edit/approve articles?

Because he's proven time and time again that he is qualified and experienced
in doing so and has expressed interest in helping.

We've gone through the "open it up" gear with "if someone wants to help,
they know their stuff, and they're trustworthy, let them help". Why is that
not now valid for people with sensible reasons to assist with thelist

Dan goes on holiday and leaves a bunch of people in charge. They are located
in 2 rough timezones (wow, such an international community). One, when told
he has such a responsibility, says something like "do i?". Another has
explained many times that she is moving and very busy. Another has expressed
a desire to move away from admin'ing to grassroots participation.

Meanwhile, you have people in unrepresented timezones virtually begging to
help. They have the ability, the experience, the proven record of service,
the exceptionally sensible reasoning, and the time to help, and they are
being refused or ignored time and time again.

Open your eyes dude...

I've had enough of this fucking bullshit. Fuck the logo, the site design,
the side projects, the 60+ articles. This is pathetic.


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