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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 19 10:16:14 CDT 2002

trying to hang back for now, but i'll pop in to answer stuff like this...

>From: "Miriam Frost" <miriam at members.evolt.org>
> Who is on the current BoD, who is on the current Admin? What are the
> goals/responsibilities of the current BoD, and Martin's history lesson
> notwithstanding, what *exactly* are the goals/responsibilities of
> Admin as it is *currently* in place? How does an evolter get on
> this/off this? (Oh, crap, we're back to process. Well... it's gotta be
> done. How's that voting app coming?)

the admin team is listed at:

dan cody isn't actually subscribed to the admin list, but otherwise i
think that list is up-to-date...

the BoD doesn't truly exist (there's no organization in place),
although we created a temporary one mostly with members from
the US... i believe martin and dan were pres and vice pres, elfur
secretary, and marlene treasurer... most of the admin team was
considered to be on the BoD except for a few oversights and non-
US members, although the plan was to wrap them *all* in...

dan got through much of the NFP paperwork, but i do not know
where it was left...

admin's de facto responsibilities now consist of article approval,
answering email, coming up with ideas to hand off to others, day-to-
day things, and trying to come up with ideas for other stuff...

getting on admin consists of asking, although in the past we've
approached members who have shown interest and a lot of
contribution... being on admin became much less important with
the formation of thesite, and a bit less important with theforum
creation...  leaving admin consists of someone saying, "bye"...

i can't speak to the voting app, i think that's in thesite's hands?

anything else?

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