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Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Apr 19 12:04:44 CDT 2002

>> Who is on the current BoD,
> I don't have the list to hand (Elfur?) but my recollection was:

yes i have it somewhere (my brain is one of those places)
the list you named is the list of people that met in Austin and held
evolt.org's first annual meeting.

but the BoD members elected on that annual meeting, and re-elected on a
followup meeting later over IRC are:

*  Adrian (aardvark)
*  Amanda
*  Bob (bobdavis)
*  Dan (djc)
*  David McCreath was, but resigned
*  Dean (dmah)
*  Emily
*  Erika
*  Jeff (.jeff)

McCreath and Dean were added on the IRC meeting, after we learned that non
americans could be BoD members (yes i know, Alaska is a part of the US).

The following were elected executives

*  Martin (president)
*  Rudy (vice-president)
*  Marlene (treasurer)
*  Elfur (secretary)

> This was always visualised as a bootstrapping exercise, which would be
> more representative following the first elections. That's normal for
> starting a board structure in a voluntary org btw.

and since this was *way* before theforum, one of the purposes of this BOD
was to get the NFP going and organise the beast.

>> What are the
>> goals/responsibilities of the current BoD,
> None at present. However, some bylaws which got worked on and
> then not implemented (this is Dan's original with my comments -
> I think Elfur has the agreed final version):
> http://members.evolt.org/martin/bylaws.html

no, there never was a final version. i have some documents at
http://el.is/secretary/ but that is such a work in progress that i almost
shouldn't post the url.

The reason for the lack of final version was that when the meeting ended,
we had decided that before approving the final version the laywer thing had
to read it over and approve some of the ammendments we had made.  That
following meeting never took place.


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